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All TV commercials must be approved by Clearcast and we will handle the entire process. We know the rules, so we won’t propose a script that causes any issues, but some products/services require substantiation for claims made and we will handle this as well.


If you are planning a radio campaign to mirror the TV campaign, we will handle the clearance with Radiocentre and produce the radio commercials at the same time.


We believe that the best way to produce something that we can all be proud of is to work as a team, with everything on the table and open, line-by-line budgets. So, you will be assigned a dedicated producer who will work with you every step of the way, where everything is up for discussion and with constant stage approvals. Once a script that works within your budget has been agreed IT’S LOCKED, so the budget won’t increase.


Then, no matter what kind of production it is, a storyboard will be created based on the script and a production schedule will be agreed with you to ensure that all your stakeholders are available on the key dates.


We will then have a pre-production meeting with all key stakeholders, the director and the producer to agree on and sign-off all aspects of the production, including casting and locations (with their associated licences/agreements), designs, the storyboard, styling/wardrobe, music and voice-over. We’ll leave no stone unturned.



For a Live Action production, we will work to a pre-agreed ‘shooting storyboard’ and shooting schedule. You will very much be part of the team, so you will be invited to the casting and location recce and on the shoot you will have your own monitor and constant dialogue with both the director and producer throughout.


For Animation/Motion Graphics, we will submit a storyboard, designs and key frames for approval and there will be constant stage approvals as the production progresses.


Post-Production is where it all comes together and we will manage all aspects of the process to ensure the finished film looks and sounds as awesome as your original vision.


For the soundtrack we have relationships with all the major music libraries, as well as a choice of excellent music composers. In addition, we have a huge library of male and female voice-overs with every conceivable accent and language, who we negotiate with direct – saving a fortune on the fees demanded by agents.


The usage buyout for voice-over and the licence for the music is always included in our quotation/budget.



We will get approval of the final film from the regulator, Clearcast, before delivering the commercial to the television stations selected by the media buyers. The digital film or social media content will also be supplied to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter etc


If you need media organising, we can introduce you to some of the best media buying companies around, who have the ‘clout’ to get you the best deals.

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