Life's Beautiful

We’ve chosen Beauty as our category highlight this time as a means to showcase several of our directors who have a particular affinity with the genre. Pigeon-holing Beauty isn’t that easy; it covers a multitude of products but it’s the emphasis on the aesthetic with the freedom from ‘hard sell’ disciplines that affords the director the opportunity to really practice his art.

As producers, we see our job as supporting and affording this creative emphasis by supplying the particular asset that makes the spot so special. It could be a cherished DOP, an art director with whom there is a special affinity. It could be an impossible location - made possible - or going that extra mile regarding casting. It may simply be the director wanting (desperately) to work with that latest bit of kit.

We use our long experience to bargain and save on the more routine and it’s our passion to be part of this excellence. We’re all only as good as our reels and the commitment we’re prepared to make.

We hope the spots we’ve selected reflect this philosophy and if you’d like to see what we say put into practice, call us.

Triumph - Director Jean-Paul Seaulieu


Kotex 'Pillowfight' - Director Richard Caesar


Miss Sixty - Director Luca Merli

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