We can’t say the ‘O’ word.

We can’t say the ‘O’ word. Nor can we mention the city and the year without risking the wrath of a certain Organising Committee and their vast team of lawyers.

Having said that, a major sporting event is due to start in the capital today, so in this month’s update we thought it would be timely to feature some of the sport-orientated work featured in our Sport category on our website.

The film we’ve chosen to showcase is Mizuno ‘Prophesy’. It was directed, shot and edited by SUKI SINGH and is a good example of a low budget, brand content film designed for web usage; it was a well managed, one day shoot in the New Forest - nicely shot and beautifully edited.

If you’d like to know how we’d handle your next sport or sports personality commercial for whatever end usage, we’ll put forward the right choice of Directors together with a full creative/production appraisal and budget breakdown.

Just give us a call. Together with our roster of talented Directors, we have a great deal to offer.

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