Directors: Suki & Simon Devine
Detail: (using Cinema 4D and Maya)

This is a spot for a new insurance company which is much the same as any other (motor) insurance company except for being Halal; the creative execution is based on there being something missing and that something is ethical insurance in an Islamic context.

All the buildings and various props were hand drawn on paper then these, and all the background elements, were scanned and/or positioned into a 3D world using Cinema 4.

The cars were modelled using Maya and were based on standard vehicles and adapted to be generic. The cars were then cut in half and where the interiors could be seen, car seats were added.

All cars were then placed into the scenes and lit; final reflection passes and shadows were added to complete the illusion with cars and backgrounds blending seamlessly.

Salaam Insurance

Director's Bio

Simon is a highly experienced producer with a comprehensive understanding of the ever evolving digital camera workflows and the nuances of animation and advanced post production.

Simon is a highly-skilled director in the specialized areas of animation, CGI and SFX.