EDF Energy 'World Cup Idents'
1 x day mute location shoot

Where did we get our energy from? With only four working days from script to shoot, the EDF Energy idents needed for the World Cup Final were to feature the newly announced EDF Energy competition winners. Since we didn’t know which team would win (or even get through) the shoot also had to be planned to cover all team eventualities i.e. everything had to be shot at least three times.

Due to the size of the cast and the sheer logistics involved – as well as making provision for TV news, the press and EDF Energy PR – we found a location that would serve both scripts and accommodate a unit which grew to around 80 people. It was a great day made better by the party atmosphere created by the ‘Conga’ music playback and the personality of Jacky, the competition winner herself.

Director's comments: Suki – “The emphasis with these two ‘Winner’ idents was on celebration – Big Time! – so it was very much a question of people management, building confidences and discarding inhibitions.

The impact had to be very positive and very confident to achieve that unforgettable feeling of sheer jubilation while branding EDF Energy and their sponsorship of the World Cup at the same time.

Client comment:
Judy Ross, The TV Dept:

Commercials Unlimited delivered an excellent job for EDF Energy, especially as there was a very tight schedule and budget.

Our client was extremely pleased, and so were we as they were so very easy to work with.

EDF Energy 'Conga'

Director's Bio

Suki is a versatile and prolific director, with a feature film and over 100 commercials for clients such as BT, Toyota, Dell, Mizuno, Samsung and Radio 1 to his name.

He has an exceptional eye and a passion for directing, so much of his success is due to repeat business where he is asked for again and again.