For Shamrock Foods ‘Roma Sponsors Catherine’s Italian Kitchen’ we produced a series of six break bumpers shooting on location in both Italy and the UK working backwards from a pre-determined budget.

Case Study Copy: Prior to the production commencing we were asked to provide a ‘Stealomatic’ (included on the Case Study page) which was our vision of the completed bumpers; as soon as this was client approved it served as the template for the whole job. So popular was the choice of library music used for the ‘Stealomatic’, we stayed with this for the broadcast versions.

This project was a case of working backwards from a given budget. We needed a country style kitchen and, in keeping with Roma source ingredients, sensuous imagery of on the vine and in the field produce from the Naples region. The Italian footage was covered in five days with our micro crew. Rather than scouting then returning to shoot, we extended the time line to cover extensive scouting of the wheat and tomato growing fields then scheduling to shoot all locations at Golden Hour.

The kitchen scenes and various packshots were covered in the UK. As luck would have it, the Art Director’s kitchen was perfect; handy too that she’s also a Home Economist and handled all the food styling. With a slow return to growth and for clients who still remain cautious in terms of procurement budgets and ROI, Commercials Unlimited remains the logical choice in terms production solutions and creativity.

Roma Bumper - Tomato

Director's Bio

Simon is a highly experienced producer with a comprehensive understanding of the ever evolving digital camera workflows and the nuances of animation and advanced post production.

Simon is a highly-skilled director in the specialized areas of animation, CGI and SFX.