In total, some seven commercials (2 x 60 seconds, 1 x 50 seconds and 4 x individual tacticals) were required for the brand re-launch of Northern Bank, a recent addition to the Danske Bank portfolio. Based in Denmark, Danske Bank is a leading player in the Nordic region with over 3 million retail customers.

The schedule was tight, as the launch had to coincidewith both a major branch refurbishment programme as well as a substantial technical infrastructure renewal. As this meant there were no new-look branches ready for shooting, we needed to design and produce all the CGI in the short time available.

Casting demanded believable, testimonial-style deliveries with specific regional accents.. The campaign was all shot in March with icy North-Easterlies when it needed to look warm and relaxed and we had to design the CGI effects and transitions to accommodate different versions and edits.

The resulting commercials were an unqualified success; on time and exceeding all the expectations of the brief. The CGI was produced at Rushes and the music written by Oisin Lunny of Secca Music Ltd.

“The overall message had to be one of change reinforced by some very dynamic transitional devices. My references were from films such as Blade and Koyaaniquatsi – i.e. strong architectural cinematography and clever use of time-lapse. But at the same time, the commercials had to be truly people-orientated – ordinary people – so combining the two disciplines and keeping it stylish without compromise wasn’t easy.

The hardest part was designing the transitions to fit so many different scene intros and outros; it made the Rubik’s Cube look easy! But the results are stylish, distinctive and effective films that deliver a lot of information and a strong brand positioning.’

‘"Commercials Unlimited delivered an outstanding campaign for us in circumstances made more difficult by time constraints, technical considerations and a complex brief.

However, Chris and the whole CU team were fully committed and engaged from Day One right through to handover. Simon, in particular, deserves special mention for the extraordinary depth of understanding and technical skill he brought to the project as producer – which proved invaluable time and time again."

Northern Bank - 60 Sync A

Director's Bio

Simon is a highly experienced producer with a comprehensive understanding of the ever evolving digital camera workflows and the nuances of animation and advanced post production.

Simon is a highly-skilled director in the specialized areas of animation, CGI and SFX.