Project Description

Casting baby called for a happy plump baby that was also of a good disposition; we saw quite a lot of babies! The commercial was very much about the natural ingredients that constitute the products, so we combined beauty shots of these natural elements with shots of happy baby being pampered.

To get the soft and sensual quality of light that Roger wanted, baby spent the best part of the day happily sitting (and sleeping too) on a light box we constructed specifically for the job. Working with Roger is always a pleasure because apart from knowing that the job will look fabulous, Roger is extremely cost effective; he lights his own work so we don’t need a separate DOP and Roger doesn’t work with a huge entourage.

I wanted to match the moves and the compositions of each shot i.e. baby, the natural ingredients and products so that one image easily floated and melted into the next.

So often this kind of commercial relies too much on the packshot to show the product range but here I was able to give equal weight to all contributing factors.

Avent 'Babycare'

Director's Bio

As well as being one of the few British Directors to win the Palme D’Or at Cannes, which he did for his work on Mercedes, Roger is best known for his work on BMW and international clients such as Procter & Gamble, Peugeot and Dell.

Specialising primarily in cars, food and beauty, his lighting style and exceptional quality of image have become Roger’s trademarks.