This was an ideal spot for Director/DOP Rob Payton; essentially tabletop that called for beautiful (food) cinematography, together with a faultless performance - albeit from a dog. Rob scored highly on all counts, delighting both client and agency.

‘Good enough to eat’ that was the brief; fresh natural ingredients, lovingly prepared – for the dog. Following the genre for tabletop food cinematography, we played it by the book with the twist in the tale (tail) being this is what goes into McGrath dog food.

“This script was in essence a parody on the oh-so-perfect slow paced food ads that are so in vogue with the high street retailers. In order for the humour to work, and the end reveal to have credibility, we had to evoke both the look and pacing of these campaigns. The challenge was to emulate these production values on a tight budget.

Budget did not allow for high speed cinematography or even to shoot on film, but by employing film lenses, keeping the images low contrast, and mirroring the pacing of the edits, I think we achieved a great end result..... but click on the image and see for yourself.”

Commercials Unlimited As a creative your job’s already over by the time it comes to shooting your prized piece of work. In theory. Of course in practice you’re more likely to pull your hair out, end up hoarse and put down a deposit on a new ulcer.

With Commercials Unlimited I’m pleased to say that I ended up doing none of those things. The guys exuded a calm professionalism and confidence throughout the shoot and, without being fussy, were attentive and courteous both towards our people and the project itself. Budget, timings and details were tight throughout, and we’ll be talking with Commercials Unlimited again as soon as the opportunity presents.’

In the storyboard of course your pooch will do all sorts of wonderful things, performing like a dream every time. Then you get the night-before nerves, as you hope to God that the reality comes somewhere close to the vision in your mind. With Rob Payton directing, I’m delighted to say that our pooch followed the script to the letter. His experience is in the details, and his relaxed control is just the kind of touch that puts everyone – animals included – at ease.

We got exactly what we asked for, and a director who was constantly keen to ensure we were happy. Delighted to recommend Rob, and delighted to work with him at any time."

Nick McGivney, Copywriter

McGrath Dog food

Director's Bio

After a successful career at the BBC as both a film cameraman and a director, Rob worked as a DOP for many of the UK’s finest directors.

As a director Rob lights all his own work, creating exquisite results; especially with food.