Project Description

Unlike the commercials produced for (say) the American market, the brief was to present George and his product in much more of the modern cookery programme genre.

This involved creating a set which could be perceived as both apparent and virtual whilst enabling George to deliver a relaxed, confident and informative performance. Since George was on a whistle-stop tour of the UK – he was on TV and radio continually for a week – we had to get him finished in time to go on the Graham Norton Show that evening and shoot the product close-up and food shots using a hand artist the following day.

The shoot was a dream; we had a lot to do in the short time available but George was 100% professional and a joy to work with. Everything looked great – George, product and food alike - in a set designed almost like a gallery, so that these elements always took centre stage. DOP Rob Payton did a fantastic job too making everything look clean and delicious.

Bravo to Keith Lishman from Principles Agency for the script and concept – and for choosing Zoe Wannamaker as the VO.”

George Foreman 'Removable Plates'

Director's Bio

After a successful career at the BBC as both a film cameraman and a director, Rob worked as a DOP for many of the UK’s finest directors.

As a director Rob lights all his own work, creating exquisite results; especially with food.