Rob works as a Director/DOP. The way he sees it – particularly with food spots – is that directing and lighting are part and parcel of the same thing; nothing gets lost in translation and this symbiosis also smiles on the budget.

As a meticulous planner in terms of storyline/content, what Rob visualises with you is what you get. Then he adds his lighting magic. He borders on the fanatical too about new kit on the block, thereby adding a further visual dimension.

By splitting his time between his home bases of Cape Town and London, if we need sunny locations on the one hand and/or the best London has to offer on the other, we can give a good deal on both.

If you’d like a quote and a treatment from Rob for anything you may have in the pipeline, we’d be very happy to talk to you.

Dunnes 'Italian'

Director's Bio

After a successful career at the BBC as both a film cameraman and a director, Rob worked as a DOP for many of the UK’s finest directors.

As a director Rob lights all his own work, creating exquisite results; especially with food.