“What have you been doing whilst Bells has been maturing?” was a simple idea that needed a classic interpretation with memorable images. Over thirty different vignettes needed honing down to 8 for the main 60 second commercial and another 4 for the 20’s. There were a lot of great scenarios that never made it to the final script. What was important was finding a balance of images, some sad and some comic events that mark the changes in a person's life, but all memorable.

Director’s comment

“It was a great job, that had everything. Crowd scenes, solitary moments, comedy, funerals. We went all the way to Morrocco for one shot, but everybody knew this was right to give a real balance. We needed that sense of scope. In many ways it was also all about the casting because each vignette was barely a few seconds long and in each of those few moments the audience had to instantly be feeling the right emotion.”

Bells - 8 Years

Director's Bio

Not only has Matt directed over 100 commercials for the likes of Bells Whisky, Burger King, the Financial Times and the BBC, but he has directed two feature films and has sold over 200,000 albums with his band D*Note.