This was part of the launch for the new electric BMWi8 and the task, in both design and approach, was to reflect a new mindset; it had to promote both the car and the desirable lifestyle that went it.

So Matt chose some great lifestyle locations in and around Malibu. He worked with a lot of glass in front of the optic to create high value images displaying - for the first time - the car and its attributes in context in the heart of the city.

The spot had to be engaging; it had to sustain interest and clever day/night switches were used to keep the edge.

The commercial was shot on Alexa and 5D

BMW i8

Director's Bio

Matt is a genius with cars and SFX/CGI, working regularly for the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, VW, Audi and Nissan worldwide and winning awards at the Cannes and New York festivals.

But his stunning visuals and emotional storytelling have also worked wonders for clients such as Armani, Microsoft, Panasonic and Gucci.