Who wants to work over Christmas? But it was a neat idea and the slot for this series of Kellogg's Special K idents was booked, so of course we squeezed it in. And aren’t we glad we did.

Director Luca Meri was wonderful to work with on this. He has real flair for fashion and juggled his schedule between other shoots and skiing – not to mention Christmas itself – making himself available to fully service the client at all stages.

The hardest part was the sourcing number of locations and the servicing the art direction which is very close to Luca’s heart. Recession-hit 09 is all about offering solutions to a broader range of media platforms as part of each project sign-off. Since the client now wants to adapt these idents to commercials, this has to be a perfect case in point.

We had an incredibly short turnaround time further hampered by having to prep, cast and source five separate locations over the Christmas period. Each ident begins with a fashion show ‘behind the scenes’ montage with the model’s wardrobe applicable to four everyday situations – office, supermarket, house exterior and a glamorous evening out.

The twist is that each location has to give the impression of a catwalk in feel, encapsulating the idea that anyone can win. Kellogg’s are so pleased they now want to turn the idents into 4 x 20 second commercials.

‘Collectively we are all extremely pleased with the stings, they were produced and serviced by Commercials Unlimited excellently and professionally despite the huge time and budget constraints. Luca Merli did a beautiful job directing them for us and I most certainly look forward to working with them all again.’

Michael Walsh, Creative Director, Leo Burnett

Kelloggs Special K

Director's Bio

With his individual style, Luca has directed many international campaigns for clients such as Nike, Nissan, Gas Jeans, Coca-Cola, Nescafe, Valentine, Kellogg’s, Pepsi and Nintendo, as well as music videos for artists such as Planet Funk and Suzanne Vega.

He also has a passion for surf, snowboard and other action sports films.