Project Description

With no initial budget guidelines to work within, we had to provide options regarding directors and the approach. We worked tirelessly on a highly detailed production proposal with all the options in place, which eventually led to Laurie Castelli being the chosen director. Laurie’s creative treatment was tremendous - everything one could wish for – then it was down to logistics.

Time was not on our side but, due to careful planning, we managed to fit the shoot into five consecutive days. And because some of the commercials were shot out of sequence across several days, I-Pads where issued to the agency, client and key crew on set to wirelessly review rushes/check continuity from any part of the shoot. We also created the Apple Pro Res files during the shoot, so that the first edits could progress immediately on set.

Due to the expected post production workload, we needed a facility with plenty of edit suites and expertise and so we chose Rushes. This turned out to be a good decision because virtually every suite within the building was pressed into service during the three week schedule.

To add further complexity, daily conference calls between London, Belfast and Denmark had to take place for comment, stage approvals and script changes. You’d need to see all seven commercials to fully appreciate the extent of our achievement – the cast of 34 plus 50 extras for the crowd scene duplicated to build up the crowd in post (‘Freedom People’) plus the many other inventive solutions we provided – but for now we can only show you those that have aired. Brand, Open Doors, Freedom People, Cash-back.

We recently worked with Commercials Unlimited on a project which saw the making of - not one – but seven commercials in an insanely short turnaround time. Right from pitch, and through all aspects of the production, they proved themselves to be eager, energetic and totally focused.

Attention to detail was superb at all times – both from the team at CU and from their nominated director Laurie Castelli. Their post-production expertise also proved invaluable as they and Laurie marshalled the complicated project through with great skill and patience.

It was obvious, too, that they’re very well thought of within the industry as they were able to pull in quite a few favours for us in terms of extra time here and there. To top it all, they’re genuinely nice people to be beside in the dark of a Soho editing suite for nearly four weeks – something that tests even the best of relationships!

Brian O’Fril
Creative Director Elm House Creative

310-030-DC NB 'Living Room'

Director's Bio

Laurie Castelli began his career at some of London’s finest advertising agencies. Whether it’s humour, drama, dialogue or involving special effects, Laurie’s approach is always to try and make an emotional impact by connecting to some real human emotion.

His commercials for brands such as Beck’s, Sony, LG and Vodafone have won awards all over the world and been shortlisted at Cannes.