Project Description

This was a deceptively complicated shoot dependent on many variables; calm seas, scheduled crossings and shooting precise, special effects elements. Miraculously we got the ‘weather window’ and had scheduled the two day shoot so exactly, we were able to get all the scenes in their right locations without incurring unwanted overtime or extra overnights.

The idea, which Laurie developed, was to present the DFDS experience as relaxed and pleasurable, whilst showing the many on-board features. To achieve this, Laurie chose to capture the imagery at two different speeds; the slow represents the tranquil, relaxed aspects with the speeded up footage binding the story together.

Due to budget, a limited time frame and the different versions needed, it had to be a very ‘hands on’ shoot, but we’re good at that!

Agency: VCCP me
Art Director: Brett Gascoigne
TV Producer: Betsy Kelly
Client Services Director: Matthew Conner
Account Manager: Emma Dunford

DFDS Seaways

Director's Bio

Laurie Castelli began his career at some of London’s finest advertising agencies. Whether it’s humour, drama, dialogue or involving special effects, Laurie’s approach is always to try and make an emotional impact by connecting to some real human emotion.

His commercials for brands such as Beck’s, Sony, LG and Vodafone have won awards all over the world and been shortlisted at Cannes.