Project Description

A simple, high-mileage idea; various people from different walks of life are seen in everyday situations asthey win the jackpot. Be careful where you win is the principal theme throughout with ‘Fan’ showing a guy in a bar on his laptop. As he leaps up in a celebratory moment, he forgets he was sitting under a revolving ceiling fan.

Similarly, with the ‘Wasps’ script, a guy is sitting under a tree eating lunch and playing on his laptop. He wins and as he leaps for joy and punches the air, he becomes aware that he’s been sitting under a wasp nest.

‘Fan’ was shot on location with the bar and room dressed to give a hot, slightly Cuban feel. ‘Wasps’ was shot on location in Greenwich and was chosen to be representative of any park worldwide.

With the launch of these two commercials, PartyPoker is being transformed with a new, clear and differentiated positioning backed by strong product redesign – new features that deliver greater player experience.

“With the ‘Fan’ script, a young man with a giant afro plays PartyPoker on-line in a sweltering bar. The barman watches in held suspense. The frame freezes as afro hair meets ceiling fan.

What I enjoyed most was creating the right atmosphere and drawing a comedy performance. It was important to me that the set looked authentic and we had rigs made for the (practical) fans, so they could be positioned exactly where I wanted them.

‘Wasps’ was great; we had to skirt around the weather a little but other than that, we more or less did everything for real with the exception of the CGI wasps and the nest itself which was a model.

In both instances the two contrasting characters delivered excellent, credible performances with what I felt was the right amount of comedy.”

"Commercials unlimited offered a superior, creative and efficient service on what was a very demanding concept, script and schedule. They matched me up with the perfect director for the job who had the perfect tone of voice and experience.

They produced fantastic treatments very quickly for a complex campaign that involved live action, animation and CGI and the production team delivered at every stage, ensuring the smoothest possible transition from idea to screen and, most importantly, fully realised the original vision and concept and brought it to life with the highest standards possible. Most importantly they became part of the agency team and were pro-active right from the word go, making sure everything happened as promised.

When it turned into a global campaign in a hundred different languages they took it all in their stride and delivered it all with a smile. A great team to work with."

Michael Quinn - Creative Director

Party Poker Wasp

Director's Bio

With a wacky sense of humour and a background in art direction, Ian’s exceptional skills at directing comedy, children and performance are demonstrated by campaigns for the likes of BT, McDonald’s, Dove, Cadbury, Specsavers and Kellogg's.