This commercial was made to highlight the importance of the MMR jab allaying fears of unaccustomed inoculation. A host of babies and toddlers, all between 12 months and 2 years, greet each other in the high street, in a supermarket, in the park and in their neighbourhood with a multitude of jolly hi-fives, thumbs-ups and ‘A’ okay signs.

It’s because they’ve all had their MMR jabs and they feel rightfully happy, carefree and healthy. If only their mums would sit up and take notice, perhaps the newspapers wouldn’t be making such a fuss!

Director's Comment:

“I had to treat this commercial very sensitively since the MMR jab has produced a lot of controversy since its introduction. To communicate that everything will be “alright”, I had to set about getting very natural and honest reactions from the toddlers as they greet and wave hello to each other. This meant dispensing with camera trickery and other falsehoods (like CGI) to generate the happy waving and hi-fives, and using all my powers of persuasion to get the infants to react accordingly.

Because I wasn’t allowed to use children over the age of two, I was faced with a near impossible task. But sometimes miracles do happen and I was blessed with twenty of the loveliest, smartest toddlers anyone could wish for. Either that, or it was plain luck and that does sometimes happen to a Director- maybe once, but never more than twice!

The film was made all over London, from Leyton to Battersea Park. My favourite shot is a little insert of a girl’s stockinged legs poking out of her buggy. It is an indelible image inspired by my own daughter’s long legs, which was all I could see whenever I took her out for a stroll.”

NHS 'Buggies'

Director's Bio

With a wacky sense of humour and a background in art direction, Ian’s exceptional skills at directing comedy, children and performance are demonstrated by campaigns for the likes of BT, McDonald’s, Dove, Cadbury, Specsavers and Kellogg's.