The brief was to show Kent in all its beauty together with the workforce who kept it that way, working tirelessly from dawn ‘till dusk; but we had to shoot in January with its short dark days and cope with whatever the weather dished up.

We took three days Reece, did a great deal of planning and agreed a flexibility deal with the crew should the weather prove bad. The cast were the workforce themselves and it was just a matter of working closely to a tight schedule and being constantly on the move.

Director’s comment: I wanted to make a film that showed a relaxed and carefree team going about their daily clean-up. I immediately thought of the Seven Dwarves’ cheery song of “Whistle while you work” so Trevor Masterson (the composer) and I set about designing a whistling tune appropriate to these indispensable operatives.

The music set the tone and I filmed everything from an observational stand point since I felt that contrived angles wouldn't be appropriate. I also wanted to place the public in the frame to communicate that most people aren't really aware of what’s going on in terms of keeping their environment so clean and tidy.

Clean Kent

Director's Bio

With a wacky sense of humour and a background in art direction, Ian’s exceptional skills at directing comedy, children and performance are demonstrated by campaigns for the likes of BT, McDonald’s, Dove, Cadbury, Specsavers and Kellogg's.