Project Description

Budget Sterling: £131.000

It was very heartening to receive this re-branding brief that was brave enough to step away from those hard sell, direct to camera testimonials where a cross section of people are seen endorsing the merits of the product.

The concept, which was created by the Norwich based creative agency 'The Point', was aimed at spreading the good news that more and more people are turning to Anglian for their wide and varied home improvements. This was achieved through the simple premise of word of mouth resulting in Anglian being the ‘most recommended.’ We didn’t show any product. Instead, the campaign was build upon the observations of everyday friends, neighbours and relatives exchanging useful information in a casual, honest and totally credible manner. Add to this a little humour and the films sprang to vivid cinematic life.

This campaign is made up of a 1 x 40 second generic sampling of all six scenarios and 6 x 30 seconds individual scripts. It was shot over four days on location in and around the London area. Only the generic and 3 x 30” commercials have been aired so far, so watch this space for the remaining three.

"I set out to make a series of commercials that had a quirky and comic appeal; I wanted the audience to take as much enjoyment from the films as hopefully they did from the communication.

I tried to be a little more creative (and daring) with the casting by playing againststereotypes and by fixing upon a particular physical characteristic. For example, I became transfixed by big hair in the Yoga spot and I also wanted to work with larger woman as opposed to the slim and more elegant actresses one might expect in this instance.

I also designed some abstract and almost unusual cutaways to inter-cut with the narrative; a pair of trainers discarded on the classroom floor, an isolated pot plant, a furtive sip of tea; all of these and others bringing a little expression and touching realism to the stories.’"

"It's easy to make bad commercials. Whatever the budget. It's much harder to make good commercials, let alone great ones.

We had a big idea and a brave client. A client who wanted to change his brand’s position. And we we're being ambitious with the idea, too. A 40 second spot and six 30 second spots on not exactly a massive budget.

What we did have though, was a production company who are experts at delivering to a vision and ambition of this type. A production company that always seem to be able to take the budget and turn out spots that punch well above their weight.

They have the experience to know how to bring in the right talent to make things happen.

And what really makes Commercials Unlimited great is that they are simply great people to work with.

Given all this, I think we made some very good commercials!"

Ian McKinnon-Evans Creative Director, The Point

AHI Yoga

Director's Bio

With a wacky sense of humour and a background in art direction, Ian’s exceptional skills at directing comedy, children and performance are demonstrated by campaigns for the likes of BT, McDonald’s, Dove, Cadbury, Specsavers and Kellogg's.