2 x days mute shoot Barcelona plus CGI
Budget £170,000 (€197,000) including in-vision artists’ buyouts.

Although the live action was originally envisaged as being shot in England, the decision was taken to move the shoot to Barcelona due to the wide vistas necessary to accommodate the ‘Big Fish’ and the architectural opportunities available to us.

We also needed to replicate many aspects of the British countryside yet have these locations in close proximity. The weather too presented advantages, although at no time did we want clear blue skies or a typically Mediterranean sea – which was rather fortunate since we shot around some of the worst weather in Barcelona’s recent history!

The ‘Big Fish’ CGI animation was produced by Red Vision, whose credits include the forthcoming Oceans 13 movie, Battlefield Britain (a BAFTA winner) and work for the BBC and the Discovery Channel.

Technical Details:
“The final cod was rendered in RenderMan using custom surface and light shaders to break renders into a handful of different passes which were later combined and enhanced in Digital Fusion.”

Client comment:
Keith Lishman - Creative Director
Principles Agency

'From the onset I had a very clear vision of what we needed to achieve, so I was delighted when Commercials Unlimited proposed moving the shoot to Barcelona to overcome the problems of (potentially) poor light and cluttered environments. I was delighted too when they produced a real Atlantic cod for Red Vision to base their fish CGI on.

The deadline was extremely tight, but having Graham Collier (the animator) along on the shoot was a great help in speeding up the subsequent CGI process.

It was important too that the Big Fish appeared friendly whilst appearing authentic throughout and by virtue of what proved to be a real team effort, we achieved all our objectives and had a lot of fun besides.’

Seven Seas 'The Big Fish'

Director's Bio

Simon is a highly experienced producer with a comprehensive understanding of the ever evolving digital camera workflows and the nuances of animation and advanced post production.

Simon is a highly-skilled director in the specialized areas of animation, CGI and SFX.