Project Description

Having produced many commercials for BT in the past, we were delighted to be part of BT’s new ‘Freedom’ campaign for all of Ireland. Access to unrestricted broadband is represented by sudden and unexpected displays of freedom as ordinary people spontaneously (and joyously) act out of character.

Shot on location at Hedsor House near Taplow, the location provided a magnificentbannister where a demure young woman is seized by the urge to slide down it. The stunt was performed using a stunt double for the wider, trickier scenes , with green-screen for the mischievous close up reaction shots.

The DOP was Luke Scott and the effects were created by Nice Biscuits.

“This spot offered me an interesting technical challenge, since I wanted to primarily remain on the guest’s face as she rode down the bannister without having to cut into the action.

My reason was that I wanted the viewer to experience every emotional tick that she did during her descent – from her initial apprehension to her complete abandonment and final exhilaration.

To achieve this, we used green-screen - affecting lighting changes and wind effects to make her journey as dynamic and as liberating as her performance. I am very pleased with the end result, especially as the compositing is so convincing.”

BT Banister

Director's Bio

With a wacky sense of humour and a background in art direction, Ian’s exceptional skills at directing comedy, children and performance are demonstrated by campaigns for the likes of BT, McDonald’s, Dove, Cadbury, Specsavers and Kellogg's.