Our new pan-European commercials for Photobox were directed by Suki Singh, with creative by Colin Melville. They feature complex parallax sequences, created by manipulating layers of specifically shot, perfectly lit stills - which was critical if the Parallaxes were to be convincing. Production involved a 2 day stills studio shoot plus a 3 day live action location shoot and included a mind-blowing number of wardrobe changes to place all the featured artists, background artists and standby kids into numerous environments. The painstaking post-production was directed by our very own Simon Devine.


Director's Bio

Suki is a versatile and prolific director, with a feature film and over 100 commercials for clients such as BT, Toyota, Dell, Mizuno, Samsung and Radio 1 to his name.

He has an exceptional eye and a passion for directing, so much of his success is due to repeat business where he is asked for again and again.