Last year 61 people lost their lives and 750 suffered serious injuries from collisions on the roads of Northern Ireland. 95% of all these were caused by human error and rural roads were particularly hazardous.

To help bring these numbers down, Genesis Advertising in Belfast asked us to work with them to produce a TV and social media campaign to make people aware of the dangers they face every day. So we produced 8 thought-provoking films, directed by Peter Schmidt, shooting over two days around Carrickfergus.

The Genesis creative director was Darren Lyttle, the creative team were Jim Adams & Eoin Alexander and the producer was Gareth Hammond.

The result was a series of films that make you think. Once you start to notice the Crash Signs, you will never drive recklessly again.

DFI 'Crash Signs'

Director's Bio

Peter uses a loose, improvisational style to bring characters to life on the screen. His work often has an unpredictable, spontaneous even dangerous feel. Whether for serious drama, comedy or coaxing performances from real people, his directing style is unique and powerful.

His striking work for the Transport Accident Commission was awarded 2 Gold Lions at Cannes and Best International Director at the Clio Festival.