Bustier Lingerie directed by Richard Caesar

This month we’re showcasing a beautifully crafted commercial for Bustier Lingerie, directed by Richard Caesar.

I like to think I’m a full bloodied male so of course I like lingerie commercials but, that aside, I reckon this spot is flawless; I know, I’ve watched it over and over and still can’t fault it other than wishing it was longer…

I want to be helpful – and regrettably I wasn’t on this shoot – so if you have a script involving lingerie, I will willingly give it my undivided attention.


Olé Olay

Here is an elegant beauty spot for Olay, directed by Richard Caesar.

In these straightened times, I thought I’d better remind you that we work to every budget – large and small – and we’re famous for the outstanding production value we offer.

Whatever the budget, every production gets the same level of passion and attention to detail. Don’t believe me? Try us!

We can’t say the ‘O’ word.

We can’t say the ‘O’ word. Nor can we mention the city and the year without risking the wrath of a certain Organising Committee and their vast team of lawyers.

Having said that, a major sporting event is due to start in the capital today, so in this month’s update we thought it would be timely to feature some of the sport-orientated work featured in our Sport category on our website.