Great looking food

We’re featuring this spot for Filippo Berio shot by Director/DOP Rob Payton because it’s such a timeless example of a good, simple idea beautifully executed with an appropriately joyful soundtrack.

So much of its success lies in the lighting/shooting and styling; it’s an exuberant celebration of the product – olive oil. The food looks perfect, Rob’s lighting is seductive and the use of different camera speeds engages the audience in this single celebration. All this as the music lifts ones spirits too.

Elegant and effective retail fashion directed by Matt Winn

With such mixed criteria, shooting retail fashion can be tricky, but our director Matt Winn and Principles Agency Creative Director Keith Lishman worked closely to produce a series of elegant and successful commercials for Fifty Plus.

We shot 3 commercials (Autumn, Winter & Occasion Wear) on 'Red Epic' in and around various locations in central London over three days. Fortunately good weather was on our side as an added bonus considering the number of wardrobe and location changes.

Animal Magic for Frontline – Directed by Rodney Butcher

It’s hard to bracket such a talented director as Rodney Butcher, with years of experience directing films for high-profile clients such as Homebase, Pizza Hut, Jaguar, Galaxy, Panasonic and Asda.

However, he is unquestionably a genius when it comes to directing films with animals, including several commercials for Whiskas. The latest example of Rodney’s expertise and patience is for Frontline, shot over 2 stress-free days in glorious Cape Town and featuring numerous cats, dogs, hedgehogs and even humans!

New director - Rodney Butcher

Rodney Butcher has recently joined our roster of directors. As a highly experienced, most sought after director with clients including ASDA, the award-winning ‘One World One Voice’ for the BBC and a series of Whiskas commercials for AMV/BBDO, this case study is a short appraisal of the man and his work.

Our directors are always happy to put forward Creative Treatments, as too are we to produce detailed production proposals and quotations, examples of which you can see on our new, streamlined website