• Centraben

    Paul Henman is universally known for his more expansive work with clients such as BP, Bentley, Microsoft, Lexus and Coca-Cola, but he’s not adverse to purely studio shoots and liked the challenges offered by the Cetraben script.

    Produced for agency Bray Leino, this one day shoot involved close up exploration of the skin. It wasn't the easiest of subjects, but Paul delivered a beautiful job.
  • Easier things to do than getting scripts – (No1 of 6) Gator wrestling

    While on holiday in Florida with my wife Liz and our two young boys, I had a go at ‘Gator’ wrestling.

    It wasn't easy avoiding those massive jaws but Liz eventually agreed that I could have a go.

    While on top of the Gator it occurred to me that this is actually a great deal easier than wrestling a script out of an agency creative/TV department.

    Since I should only hassle you once a month, rather than sending out the ‘Have you got any scripts…’ email, I thought it’d be a lot more fun to theme the next few as ‘Easier things to do’ or #ETTDTGS for short.

    Dolphins do Gucci

    Matt Berndt is often pigeon-holed as a car director - with good reason when you see his exceptional work for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Toyota. However, as his car commercials often feature as much lifestyle as shiny metal, it’s not surprising that this beauty spot for Gucci perfectly demonstrates his other talents.